Notebandi ‘foolish’, cap GST at 18%: P Chidambaram

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Notebandi 'foolish', cap GST at 18%: P ChidambaramHIGHLIGHTS:-

Addressing industry leaders in Rajkot, Chidambaram said, “Demonetisation
is an utter failure”.
He also flayed the Centre for “hastily” implementing the goods and
services tax (GST).
Chidambaram described the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train as an example of the Modi government’s misplaced priority.

“If I was a finance minister and my prime minister had said that he asks Muslims to implement, then I would not have said so. If he insisted, then I had resigned.” 18% of the cap on GST Pitching for, he slapped several slabs in the rate structure

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Chidambaram said, adding “this government has cheated the people by bringing the GST bills as a money bill” because they don’t have a majority in the Rajya Sabha. “The result is useless. There is some increase in it but no jobs are being created.

Congress has decided to observe 8 November as `Black Day’ and to counter this, BJP will observe 8 November as “Anti-Black Money Day”.

“I think the whole scheme was to help some people who had black money to convert it into white money. It is one of the biggest scams,” he said adding “I am sure someday, somebody will inquire into it”. He said none of the objectives of demonetisation-counterfeit notes, stopping terror funding and black money, as claimed by the government has been served.

He called the NDA government’s development model “employment country development” and said that the Congress model was for “employment growth development”.

Chidambaram described the Ahmedabad-Mumbai bullet train as an example of the wrong priorities of the Modi government.  “Project cost is Rs. 1 lakh crore and this train will take 600 people from both sides. We have 1 lakh schools with one teacher if we can use this money for education, then we have a better future for the students can be given”.

“The moral of the story is that just because government got the absolute majority, it does not mean it will always do the right thing,” the Rajya Sabha MP said. Describing note-ban as a decision driven by total ignorance, he said it was a foolish move, but this government does not have the honesty to admit it made a mistake.

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